03.10.12 Choice

How do you make your decisions?

In last minute panic? Through a carefully thought out process?

Or do you freeze, overwhelmed, and do nothing…do you choose paralysis…and your decision is made for you?

Are your decisions made from the heart, based only on feeling?

Are your decisions made from the mind, based only on logic?

Are your decision based on what is best for others?

Are your decisions based on what is best for you?

02.23.12 Safe People

the people you draw into your life, to accompany you on this journey…

whether they look after your best interests, want to build you up, help you be your best, most positive self…the person you are supposed to become…

or if their only desire is to use you, to drag you down, to their level…if they only want you to become like them…out of jealousy, out of spite. to make themselves feel better…

the necessity of discernment…to see who is safe, who to allow into your life, your world, your people, your home, your family.

02.07.12 Trust

How can I trust you if you do not know who you are ?

How can I trust you if you cannot trust yourself?

How can I trust you if you cannot take care of yourself…how can I trust you to take care of me?

How can I trust you if I know you do not have my best interests at heart, only yours’?


And what kind of person would? Why? Would you really, truly, want to be with someone like that?